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About Us

Ambivali village Resort was founded in 1998 .The nature based resort is just 1 hour drive from Mumbai. A7 Acre of village resort that binds you to your roots again with nature. Keeping you in the remit of nature at all times with it being amidst a self-grown Forest, the resort is well-found with an artificial waterfall, trekking , spots nearby; amazing dwelling facilities that include tiled hunts, Cottages & 3 Tree-houses. It is one of the few rare places that still have tiger caves for that exciting felling that dandles between fear & thrill. This nature based resort is just an hour drive from (entire Location).

        On Special Pre-Bookings we arrange for Tarpa ,(A special traditional dance perform by the native adivasis.) It’s a beautiful and graceful dance that would enchant you to the core and leave you mesmerized. You could also admire the Warli Painting and take home a memorabilia of this splendid Stay.

        Orate-bonding activities that include team based task that get your team to get along well, bond together & work as a unit even outside the office environment, which is work enhancing and productivity boosting .We also encourage student trips that help the decisive generation get progressive about nature and other sporting activities.

        The place not only attracts nature lovers but has also grown as Preferred Shooting location For Television & Films. This is must Visit Remote place away from crowdie, noisy and polluted day to day life where you can relax & refresh yourself and along with your family. Get in touch with nature this felling give you mind-blowing experience.

        It is place where you get that much deserved break from the chaotic urban life and revive your senses amidst the Nature’s care .Along with being a mind refreshing holiday getaway, Ambivali Village Resort has a lot more to offer to its visitors.